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Designer Henna is mehndi by Amrit. Traditionally mehndi is associated with weddings, but can also be used to add a touch of class for those special occasions, parties and events.

A henna design can look striking yet elegant. Depending on your skin type and the duration the henna is kept on, the henna design can last up to 3 weeks.

I can cater for the simple designs such as henna tattoos as well as complex intricate designs. The henna design can be enhanced with the use of glitters, rhinestones and bindis or I can create a design using just glitters and rhinestones for that unique look.

My aim is to ensure that you are happy with your design, be it traditional or modern.

The henna I use is safe and mixed by myself with only natural ingredients. As a strict rule, I do not use black henna, which has been known to have adverse reactions.

I am available to do henna at weddings, ladies sangeet nights, mehndi nights, group bookings, children’s parties, theme parties, corporate events, fundraising events, and all other special occasions. For that special night out, why not get an individual henna or glitter design to match your outfit!

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